Professional Home Organiser

THE MESS GODDESS, a team of professional home organiser organises every space in your home – from bedrooms and kitchens, to closets/wardrobe, pantries and playrooms. Every project receives meticulous attention to detail and carefully considered solutions, delivered in our ordered, stylish and practical aesthetic.

Decluttering Service

Whatever area in your home is causing you stress – over-packed closets or pantries, untidy bathrooms, playrooms that are a toy minefield, or just that weird space you’re not sure what to do with – let us clear the clutter, organise and stylise so that you can relax in a calm & peaceful surroundings.

What we do


A good declutter works wonders for your living and head space. Our team are experts at assisting and advising on which items to treasure and which to trash, whilst being mindful of your individuality and needs.


If you have problem areas in your household – closets, pantries, playrooms etc, let our team assist with organising those spaces and providing solutions that are stress free, practical and fit in with your lifestyle.


Got your eye on a style that you’re finding it difficult to achieve? We can help make your home beautiful by offering interior advice on the practical steps and key items you’ll need to get your dream home.

We use all your things

Our team of professional home organiser are mindful of those treasured items all individuals and families have and listen carefully to each clients needs, and wants for their spaces. Meticulous attention to detail is paid, and carefully considered solutions are offered for every project. We have a signature aesthetic that is stylish, ordered and minimal – an approach that is organic in our Japanese team members as well as the Founder, CEO, an original Mess Goddess, TR.

Would you prefer to DIY?

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, we offer a virtual DIY package that includes consultation on your space, a shopping list, and detailed instructions on our recommendations that you can take away and apply yourself.

Need Home Organising and Decluttering service