Meet ‘The Mess Goddess’, TR

If you are reading this then you are probably already interested in acquiring the skills of a “professional declutterer/organiser” So what makes me different to all the rest? I consider what I do as a form of art and empowerment combined with efficiency and practicality. The process of streamlined organising I excel in can often require some “straight talk” from me ”the Mess Goddess” but it will ultimately save you time, reduce stress and bring beauty and elegance into your home and your life.

After over 14 years of running my own business I have worked with a variety of celebrity and non-celebrity clients from all over the world. Each job is indeed different but my focus is always in achieving the same end result of bringing much-needed order and control to my clients’ lives.

I graduated in Visual Arts, and lived all over the world, including Australia, Nepal and Japan, where I honed clean and efficient organisation skills that epitomise the Japanese culture and aesthetic that is currently hugely popular . My strength lies in my ability to combine these concepts of eastern simplicity and style with practical organisation, spacial-creation and functional storage design. I am always thrilled when a client is amazed that “it all fits”.

For me, it not only has to look stylish and beautiful, it also needs to work well. In this sense I consider myself to be a problem solver. Problems come in many varieties so I am constantly on the lookout for new techniques and ideas of house decluttering and organising.

My testimonials highlight my unique position within the business. My clients have included film directors, international singing stars, busy moms and even those who already consider themselves organised. While I will always take a holistic approach, the services I offer are completely guided by your needs.  I also work alongside a fantastic team of Japanese assistance, I can call upon as needed.

So, what else?  Other things you might like to know about me are that I’m a tea connoisseur who loves yoga and meditation. Raising awareness of Dyslexia and issues associated with ADHD are very important to me as is my commitment to bringing an energising zest for life in absolutely everything I do. You can read more about my career profile here.

If you’d like to know anything else, or you’re curious about how I can help transform your space and change your life, then please get in touch.